The Secret Path

Here is the original Maclean’s article about the death of Chanie Wenjack. In it, Chanie’s teacher misnamed him Charlie, which is what he is called in the title.

The Lonely Death of Charlie Wenjack

Here is the link to the website we will be using a lot:

Secret Path

The three panelists in the discussion after the film cover many important topics. One that they touch on is the so-called “Sixties Scoop”. For a brief overview click on the link below, which also has tonnes of information on important Indigenous issues.

Indigenous Foundations

One of the panelists, Tasha Hubbard, is an award-winning filmmaker. Below is the link to her documentary about one family affected by the Sixties Scoop. Please watch.

Birth of a Family

Here is a link to the transcript of the discussion:

Road to Reconciliation Panel Discussion Transcript

For your final assignment I want you to consider all of this. In a minimum of five pages, I want you to respond to the Maclean’s article, the graphic novel, the animated film, the panel discussion and anything else you learn and pick up along the way. You may want to pick a focus or a lens through which to respond. You may want to focus on a particular theme that you feel runs through all the sections.