Calling all future journalists!

Hey All,

Before we get to books from my trip, I must tell you about this awesome opportunity. CBC Vancouver is offering a FREE one day workshop on Saturday, January 23 for grade 10, 11, and 12 students in Vancouver interested in journalism. They’re going to have some truly talented journalists there you might recognize from CBC TV and radio. Teachers aren’t invited and I’m super jealous. Check out all the info below, but you need to apply soon as space is limited. Oh, and did I mention, lunch is provided?

If I were you I would sign up pronto!

Teen Short Story Contest

Hey All,

Here’s a chance to win $100 and get yourself published! The Vancouver Public Library is running a Teen Short Story Contest. Here are the deets:

Theme: Lucky Number 7

Grand Prize: $100

Deadline: July 7, 2014


Must be between 777-1777 words (ha ha)

Must include at least four of the following seven words:
janitor      July      luck      rainbow      seven      sin      week

Check out all the info here:

April is Shakespeare Month

Hey All,

So April 23, 2014 marks the 450th birthday of our beloved bard. I’ll be posting many things Shakespearean on this blog, but apart from my in classroom (and in my head), there is a definite buzz in the air. First – a contest. From April 14 to May 9, CBC’s Canada Writes will be asking Canadians to take a Shakespearean character, situate him or her in a present-day scenario, and write a new soliloquy for that character. Here is the site with all the details:

As well, any one of my students who enters this contest will receive — wait for it — BONUS MARKS!! Those of you who have been under my tutelage know that I NEVER NEVER EVER EVER give bonus marks. Ever. You can thank Shakespeare for this unprecedented event. So let’s see….Lady Macbeth waiting in line at Sephora to buy some hand cream? Hamlet at a senior boys basketball game?Macbeth dissecting a frog? The possibilities are endless.

Another Writing Contest!

Here’s a chance to show off your writing chops and win $2,500!! All the info is on the website:

This is for literary nonfiction. Why not?!

literASIAN 2013

Hey All, especially Writing 12 students,

Here is a great opportunity to work with real writers in a workshop setting. And it’s FREE for grade 11 and 12 students. Just follow the links:

Are you studying Asian Canadian writing? Would you like to meet a writer in person? Grade 11 and 12 students are invited to access a limited supply of free tickets to literASIAN 2013.

About the Festival
Attend small workshops, readings and book launches with acclaimed writers including Denise Chong, Terry Woo, Ann Shin, Jamie Chang, Julia Lin, Larry Wong, Chris Cheng, May Yan, Ann Marie Fleming, Laura Ong and Terry Watada.

literASIAN happens November 21-24, 2013. It’s presented by Vancouver’s Asian Canadian Writer’s Workshop, in collaboration with Ricepaper Magazine and the UBC Learning Exchange.

How to Get Free Tickets
1. Check the literASIAN website and decide what you want to attend.
2. For workshops that require registration click on the following link for free tickets
3. You don’t need to click on the “Register for Workshops” link on the main literASIAN website, because that link will take you to a registration page where you have to pay.

Free tickets are for students in grades 11 and 12, and students in university/college.

Poetry Contest!

Hey All,

Here’s a really cool opportunity for all poetry lovers. You don’t have to write a poem, you just have to memorize and recite it. If there is enough interest Templeton will enter the contest, so we’ll have class competitions, a school competition, and then film the school winners and enter the videos online. Semifinal winners of that will get flown to…..VANCOUVER!!. At least students from other parts of the country.

Here are the prizes

  • FIRST PRIZE: $5,000 for the student champion, $1,000 for the student champion’s school library ($500 reserved for the purchase of poetry books)
    For the best combined score of three recitations in English.
  • SECOND PRIZE: $1,000 for the student champion, $500 for the student champion’s school library for the purchase of poetry books
    For the best combined score of three recitations in French.
  • THIRD PRIZE: $500 for the student champion, $250 for the student champion’s school library for the purchase of poetry books

Awesome! I’ll be giving more information in my classes, but in the meantime, check out the website with all the info, including all the poems you have to choose from:

Writing Contest

Hey all,

Here’s another creative writing contest, this one put on by the Vancouver Writers Fest. You may submit a short story or a poem. First prize is $300, second prize is $200 and it only costs $5 to enter. Deadline is October 27. Check it out.