Student Work during the Pandemic

Greetings my lovelies!!

It’s been a while since I posted, but that’s because we have all been so busy on Teams. But we are nearing the end of this extraordinary year and I wanted to celebrate a bit. So many of you worked very hard during this last term, at times doing you best work!! I wanted to post some examples of the exemplary work ya’ll have done to showcase how awesome you all really are.

First, here is a BEAUTIFUL vocab comp by Mini 10 student, Graeme Morey. Settle in for a walk in nature.
Rain by Graeme Morey

And here is a Lord of the Flies project by Mini 11 student Thomas Kirkland-Yuen. He re-wrote the ending of the novel. Check it out and see if you find it more satisfying than the original.
LotF Final Project by Thomas Kirkland-Yuen

And then there were those “in-class” essays I asked you to write. Across the board, those were super successful. Here are two examples from Mini 10 students Aiden O’Leary ad Sean Dempsey. The class was writing about Othello, and they were able to come up with their own essay topics. These two are totally brilliant.
Othello In CLass Essay by Aiden O’Leary
Othello In-class Essay – Sean Dempsey

Holding On by Adaryn Ko

Hello my pretty chickens,

The sun has peeked out and graced us with his glorious rays. Soak it in and be nourished. Absorb the vitamin D! And, nourish your souls with this beautiful and heartfelt essay and poem written by Adaryn Ko. There is sadness here, but also beauty and courage. Adaryn’s artwork to accompany the poem is also so haunting and gorgeous. Read and be touched.

Holding On by Adaryn Ko

Holding On Artwork by Adaryn Ko

Happy New Year!

Greetings all,

Well, it’s 2020. A new decade. How glorious is that? I hope you all had a restful AND invigorating break – I know I did – and now you are all looking forward to the new year and expanding your brains even more!

To start you off, please read this beautiful abecedarian by our very own Val Gillespie. While we didn’t see much sun over the break, I think Val’s poem is the perfect way to usher us into this new, gorgeous decade. Enjoy!

Sunrise by Val Gillespie

Poetry and Bad Writing

Greetings all,

A bit of reading for the weekend. First we have Jane Bau’s personal essay, which is actually a beautiful poem. I haven’t included her explanation for all her choices – that’s only for evaluation. Enjoy her complex, challenging, and evocative work.

Habitual Head, The Eddy by Jane Bau

And for something completely different – Jackie Liao has written a hilarious advice column on how to find the love of your life using deliberately bad writing techniques. It’s actually trickier than it sounds. How many terrible writing techniques can you spot?

Is this where I am supposed to write the title? by Jackie Liao

Student Work

Greeting all,

I hope you are enjoying this lovely fall Sunday. I wanted to update you on a couple of things about this here blog of mine. First, you may have noticed that there are no more annoying ads to obscure your viewing and reading pleasure. I couldn’t stand them either, and they will forever be kept off this site. Second, I have added a new tab called “Student Work”. This is where I’ll be posting your fantastic stuff! Please click on it and be amazed by the talent here at Templeton. Some of the work goes back to my first year teaching here. I haven’t collected a tonne of work yet, but I will from now on and post away.