Jasper Long on winning team!

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This is pretty monumental. This past summer, our very own Jasper Long was part of the winning team from Canada that participated in the the International Space Settlement Design Competition at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

Sahba El-Shawa, an engineer who joined the team as an adult advisor, said it was an exciting opportunity for the students to compete in an event Canadians have rarely participated in since it began back in the 1980s.

“In the 30-year history of the competition, there have only been two teams that have participated from Canada,” El-Shawa said.

The latest team is made up of 23 students from several different Vancouver-area schools, who earned their spot earlier this year in a semi-regional competition. The task from the qualifying round: to devise a settlement capable of cleaning up floating space junk.

“They were to design an orbital habitat for space debris collection, which is becoming more of a problem in the industry,” El-Shawa said. “The more stuff you have up there, the more it turns into space junk.”

Watch Jasper and some of his teammates being interviewed on CTV back in August of this year, talking about their incredible achievement. Way to go, Jasper!

Interview on CTV

Jasper- NASA pic (1)

Student Work

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I hope you are enjoying this lovely fall Sunday. I wanted to update you on a couple of things about this here blog of mine. First, you may have noticed that there are no more annoying ads to obscure your viewing and reading pleasure. I couldn’t stand them either, and they will forever be kept off this site. Second, I have added a new tab called “Student Work”. This is where I’ll be posting your fantastic stuff! Please click on it and be amazed by the talent here at Templeton. Some of the work goes back to my first year teaching here. I haven’t collected a tonne of work yet, but I will from now on and post away.


Fashion Week!

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I love fashion. I always buy the September Vogue (which usually weighs a tonne) to check out all the latest trends. I rip out the pages I like and then go see if I can find something similar that costs a lot less. So I was super thrilled when our very own Sam Sidorchuk told me he was walking in Vancouver’s Fashion Week. Check out his fierceness in the photo below. Wicked!



Welcome back all!!

Tomorrow is the big day. I hope you all had a happy, safe, nourishing summer holiday. I had plenty of adventures, some of which I will chronicle here over the coming days, but in the meantime, read this article where our very own Claire Dooley discusses her feelings about climate change. Are you feeling the same?

Read here:

“Eco-grief” over climate change

Linh Diep and Arjun Prihar – SAP Superstars

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Our very own Linh Diep and Arjun Prihar – Mini 12ers and STEMers – flew to Florida recently to attend an SAP mega conference. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for them and they did Templeton proud. Read all about their experiences and watch a video of our Linh dazzling the interviewer with her insightful comments and thoughtful questions.

Here’s Arjun’s blog post:


And here’s Linh’s blog post and interview:


Way to go you two!

Congratulations to Nico Branham and Janice Esguerra!!

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This is big, like SUPER BIG news. Back in March, our very own Nico Branham and Janice Esguerra, two talented young writers and all around brilliant people, entered an essay writing contest (on the advice of their teacher – that would be me). The contest was open to all grade 9 to 12 students all across the country. 400 students entered. Only three could win. And TWO OF THE WINNERS came from Templeton! Janice won third prize with an outstanding piece that the judges hailed as “thoughtful and empathetic” with “unadorned language and simple, flawless sentences.” Nico won FIRST PRIZE with an utterly original coming-of-age piece that impressed the judges with its “contemporary tone, creative structure, and its unabashed erotic and intellectual honesty.” High praise indeed. We are all so proud of these two brilliant young women and wish them oodles of success in the future. On a personal note, I consider myself very lucky to have had them as my students for two years. I’ve learned as much from them as I hope they may have learned from me.

Read about the prize and read their pieces here. Seriously, read them because they are SO GOOD.


BC Junior Reach for the Top Champions!

Congratulations to our very own Junior Reach for the Top team for winning the BC Junior Championships. It was a nail-biter against Burnaby, but our brainiac team edged them out 34 to 32. The team members are:

Francesca Crema, Grade 10
Fiona Fletcher, Grade 10
John Ivison, Grade 8
Glorielle Panganiban, Grade 10
Jacob Schoeber, Grade 10
Tim Wu, Grade 8

And their brilliant team coach, Ms. Vance.

Way to go Team Temp!!

reach for the toprftp

Making Cranes

But not the paper kind. Grade 11 and 12 Temp students in the STEM program seem to be having all the fun. Read about and see awesome photos of the results the month-long project making load-bearing model cranes. Our Linh Diep looks like she can fit into one of them. And I’ve never been to our woodshop. It looks like a super-cool place.