Short Stories and Non Fiction

Somewhere A Long Happy Life Probably Awaits You

Storm Glass

A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Hey Mini 12ers. After reading the three short stories above, you will write two pieces: one analytical, one creative.

  1. For the analytical piece, you must consider one, two, or all three of the short stories. That is completely your choice. You may find similar themes, motifs or techniques running through two or three of the stories that you want to explore and compare. You may want to focus mostly on one story and include just short references to one or the other two. Or, if one of the stories really jazzes you up, just focus on that one. You challenge is to find what it is you want to investigate and explore. You written piece should be about three pages, double-spaced. I am looking for strong voice, engaging style including word choice and use of parallel structure, and high level of analysis.
  2. For the creative piece, you must write something weird. That’s it. The Marquez story is obviously weird, so use that as your inspiration. Two to three pages, double-spaced.


The Jian Ghomeshi Controversy

The essay that Ghomeshi wrote: Reflections from a Hashtag

The New York Times explains the controversy

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The Guardian explains the controversy

One of Ghomeshi’s accusers writes a response

Christie Blatchford’s response

Non-Fiction Essays

Under The Influence

My Mother’s Blue Bowl Alice Walker

My Mother’s Blue Bowl Vocab

My Perfect Season

The Breakfast Battles

The Writer at Work

Haunted by Lives Unlived

Writing Handouts

How To Write Well

The Wrong Word Dictionary

A Glossary of Good Beginnings

A Glossary of Happy Endings

Former Templeton Students’ Non-Fiction Essays

She Who Haunts Me by Ruini Xiong

Outside the Window, a Billion Stars are Moving Past Me at Light-Warp Speed by Nico Branham

Touch by Jancie Esguerra Grade 12

The Promises of a Mother by Winter Stacey

Learning the Rules by Arlo Spring